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At Alaska Shore Tours, our mission is to simplify the travel booking experience and share our passion for Alaska.

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About us, our values, and how we're different from other tour providers in Alaska.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Learn how by booking with us, you're contributing to important conservation efforts.
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Where we came from and what inspired our passion for sharing Alaska with you.

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Who We Are & What Sets Us Apart

We know Alaska. We’re adventurers with a passion for Alaska and an eagerness to share this special place with you. We travel Southeast Alaska each year, experiencing new Alaska shore excursions and hidden gems in Skagway, Haines, Juneau, Ketchikan, Anchorage, Denali, and Sitka. Travelers are drawn to Alaska for its incredible scenery, abundant wildlife, and endless adventures. We want visitors to experience the best that Alaska offers. But, we know how overwhelming it can be to plan a vacation in a place you’ve never been to before. This may be especially true for cruise ship passengers who see the endless excursion options and have a limited amount of time in each port.

Our goal is to provide the resources you need to easily plan your trip, whether you’re booking your Alaska shore excursions online or with the help of our tour specialists. We offer comprehensive tools on our website that include our Inside Passage Travel Planner, the convenient cruise ship calendar, and a variety of blog posts that include pre-travel planning, things to do in port, and travel tips. We strive to provide our guests with top-notch customer service. Our travel experts are here to answer questions and help you book the perfect itinerary for your Alaska cruise excursions. Additionally, sustainability is incredibly important to us. We are the only tour agency that gives back to Alaska with our donation pledge and commitment to conservation. We work to inspire travelers and local companies to practice sustainability for the preservation of The Last Frontier.

Alaska Shore Tours offering the best Alaska cruise excursions
Alaska Shore Tours offering the best Alaska shore excursions

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We love Alaska with its vast landscape full of breathtaking mountain ranges and glaciers. We love the unique and abundant wildlife, the small towns full of charm and character, and the endless adventure opportunities. It’s raw, beautiful, and wild, and we want to share it with you. But, we understand that no tourism comes without impact on the fragile ecosystem. We strive to promote responsible tourism so that the environment and communities continue to thrive for generations to come. We founded the Alaska Poster Project, where we offer iconic Alaskan posters for free and encourage a donation to the Alaska Conservation Foundation. This website also provides information about the threats that Alaska is facing and how travelers can practice sustainable tourism.

Additionally, since our inception, we’ve held a pledge to donate at least 5% of profits each year to the ACF. To date, these donations have totaled over $80,000. By booking your Alaska cruise excursions with us, you’re contributing to important conservation efforts. We believe that through practice, education, and commitment, we can help make tourism a solution to the dangers that face Alaska’s environment and communities.

Company Story

Born from a sense of adventure, Skagway Shore Tours launched in 2014. Owner and CEO, Drew Fortner, was working at Caribou Crossing in Yukon (one of the stops on the Yukon Discovery tour), where he met his wife, Petra. They recognized the need for a tour agency that provided travelers with a simple way to book their Alaska shore excursions at prices much lower than the cruise lines were offering them. Together, they hand-picked tours to show guests the best experiences available and worked to promote these excursions. This allowed the local tour operators to focus on what they do best – operating the tours! Next, guests expressed their desire to book all of their Alaska cruise excursions in one place. And so, the company expanded into Juneau in 2015 and Ketchikan in 2016. Most recently, our adventures have taken us to other parts of Alaska and we are excited about our new tours available in Anchorage, Denali, and Sitka!

While still headquartered in Skagway, our expanding team built the all-encompassing Alaska Shore Tours to provide travelers with a ‘one-stop-shop’ for their Alaskan cruise and travel itineraries. Today, the Shore Tours team is spread throughout Alaska and even the lower 48! And, our values remain unchanged: to provide guests with unparalleled service and experiences while giving back to protect this wild and scenic place that we love so much.

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