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Skagway Sled Dog and Musher’s Camp


Skagway sled dog tours are a great way to experience the excitement of Alaska’s state sport, and the Skagway Sled Dog and Musher Camp excursion is one of the best ones offered! Visit an authentic dogsledding summer training camp, take an exhilarating sled ride pulled by a team of  16 powerful Alaskan huskies, learn about the sport of dog-sledding from experienced mushers who have competed in punishing world-renowned 1000-mile races like the Iditarod and Yukon Quest, and meet a crew of adorable husky puppies! The family-friendly Skagway Sled Dog and Musher Camp experience starts with convenient pick-up from the cruise docks and runs for about three hours and 15 minutes. You’ll return to your cruise ship after a tour filled with Alaskan adventure, history, and an awe-inspiring wilderness experience that ranks as one of the best-reviewed of the Skagway sled dog tours.

A favorite among Alaska excursions Skagway, the Skagway Sled Dog and Musher Camp expedition begins with a fascinating guided tour of historic downtown Skagway, followed by a scenic drive along 11 miles of beautiful coastline to the Musher’s Camp in Dyea, once a thriving Gold Rush town. Then hop aboard a monster Unimog all-terrain vehicle for an exhilarating ride up a mountain road lined with fast-flowing glacial streams and waterfalls. At the mountaintop, you’ll be greeted by your musher and a team of excited huskies ready and waiting to race! Board the custom-designed wheeled summer sled as these powerful dogs take you on a breathtaking, mile-long, zig-zagging ride along a trail through the Tongass National Forest. After bidding farewell to your hard-working team with pets and praise, climb back into the Unimog for another adventurous ride, this time to a stunning overlook above the Dyea tidal flats, where you may spot eagles, bears, seals and wildflowers against a backdrop of snow-capped peaks. Finally, it’s back to the Musher’s Camp for a kennel talk, where you’ll learn all about dogsledding before meeting the camp’s coterie of future star athletes: the husky puppies. Playing with these bouncy bundles of joy is an important part of the socialization process that is essential to their future racing success, so don’t hold back in the cuddles department! With adorable pups thrown into Skagway sled dog tours for good measure, who could possibly resist this favorite among Alaska excursions Skagway!


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3 ¼ Hours Duration

From pick-up to drop-off

Time for Visiting

Ample time for interacting with huskies and puppies

Family Friendly

No minimum age for this tour

Food available

Full-service cafe on-site




Cultural & Historical, Family-friendly, Husky Sled Dog


3 ½ hours

Adult Rate


Child Rate


Minimum Age

There is no minimum age to participate on this tour.


Most special needs can be accommodated on this tour. Must have mobility to walk 100 yards either on your own or with assistance. Must be able to raise knee approximately 12 inches.

Cancellation Policy

In the event your cruise ship is late, delayed, or doesn't make it into port we always issue a full refund for the tour., Changes or cancellations are allowed up to 14 days prior to the tour departure with absolutely no penalty., Including 'Flex Cancel' allows refunds up until 24-hours before the tour., Any cancellations made within 14 days of the tour departure (or within 24-hours with 'Flex Cancel') are nonrefundable.

Customers' review

Rated 4.90 out of 5 stars
59 reviews

59 reviews for Skagway Sled Dog and Musher’s Camp

  1. 5 out of 5

    Highlight of our Alaska CruiseThe sled experience was the absolute highlight of our Alaska Cruise. Monster truck ride on the Green Hornet was unexpected and thrilling; the terrain was tough to maneuver and the driver was absolutely great. When we got to the dog camp and saw our Team was as excited to see us as we were them. The Musher kept us well informed as we enjoyed the mile plus ride. My cheeks hurt from laughing and smiling and when the ride was over, we met our Team of 16 dogs. I gave them hugs and kisses and talked to each of them. It was tough to leave bc I was missing our own dogs around now but then we climbed back in the Green Hornet and made the descent to base camp and learned about the Iditarod. The cherry on top was holding a precious puppy; it made me cry, so wear waterproof mascara if you're a dog lover like me. Lol. These dogs are well kept and their owners adore them like family. Tour is highly recommend!

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  2. 5 out of 5


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  3. 5 out of 5

    Great Adventure!Wonderful sightseeing, very informative on Alaska and the surroundings, and educational experience with the sled dogs. The ride was an awesome experience. The look-out platform showed amazing views. A great all-around experience.

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  4. 5 out of 5

    Phenomenal experienceWe were expecting a fun but hokey day of seeing dogs. We were treated with a phenomenal experience from start to finish. DO NOT MISS THIS!

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  5. 5 out of 5

    Awesome excursion!My family and I (ranging in age from 87 to 10), had a great time at the musher's camp! Our wonderful guide, Garrett, regaled us with local lore and pointed out the sights on the way to the camp. Once there, we boarded a unimog to make our way up the mountain to the camp. This was akin to a ride at Disney as we twisted and turned on the climb! Then it was on to the wheeled carts and the dogs! 16 gorgeous dogs pulled the cart under the direction of the musher who answered questions and told us all about the training these amazing dogs undergo. We were able to interact with the dogs- they love the attention and were all extremely friendly (albeit a bit wet and muddy)! Then it was back down the mountain with a stop at a beautiful scenic overlook and on to the puppies! After a brief presentation on the Iditarod, we were able to hold and interact with the pups, who were 2 weeks to a few months old! So adorable! But again, wet and a bit muddy, so dress appropriately! My nephew said this excursion was 'the best day of his life'! I absolutely recommend it!

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  6. 5 out of 5

    Musher's CampOur family had a wonderful time. Our guide, Jay Dot, was so informative, giving us a good understanding of the local community of Skagway as well as the geographical elements. Of course, the highlight was the dog sled ride and holding the puppies. Overall, a fantastic excursion!

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  7. 5 out of 5

    Awesome!Our 3 children (ages 8, 12, 13) loved the adventure! They fell in love with the little puppies, too! Wonderful guides. Highly recommend!

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  8. 5 out of 5

    Fabulous experienceWe loved our time with the dogs! My husband said that this excursion was worth the cost of the entire cruise. It was fun, exciting, cute, and informative. I highly recommend!

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  9. 3 out of 5

    A little disappointedI was looking forward to this excursion the most but found myself very disappointed. Although their process was efficient, I felt as if I was being rushed through the part of the trip I was most excited about...contact with the dogs.

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  10. 5 out of 5

    Skagway Dog Sled and Musher CampExcellent in all respects - scenic drive to the camp, fun unimog drive, brilliant sled ride and gorgeous dogs and puppies (I patted every one)! Guides and all staff were very friendly, informed and helpful. Great excursion! So glad I did it - a must for a dog lover!

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  11. 5 out of 5

    Great ExperienceWe did the musher camp on 6/27/2017. We had an absolute blast. Our guide was very knowledgeable and it was so much fun. We really enjoyed meeting all the dogs and meeting the newest soon to be members.

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  12. 5 out of 5

    Loved It!We took our whole family! The entire experience was great, right from our tour guide Tim, to the puppy's! Absolutely a must see and do!

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  13. 5 out of 5

    A Unique Educational ExperienceThis was the best tour w have taken in a long tome. WE had our 4 granddaughters with us and they loved the whole experience, It was wonderful to help socialize the dogs as well as get some feeding advice from the musher.

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  14. 4 out of 5

    Fun ExperienceThis was a family trip, our son specifically picked this excursion to see the dogs and puppies. We had a great experience but would have liked for the excursion to be longer. The time left to spend with the puppies was at the end and was limited, there were only a few puppies made available for the group to share. We would've like to have more time and more puppies to enjoy. The staff were great and very informative and overall was a fun experience.

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  15. 5 out of 5

    Sled Dog and Mushers CampMy wife and I did this excursion on 5/9/17 while on an Alaskan cruise. We had a great time! We were transported to the base of the Mushers Camp via bus and our driver was both very knowledgeable and quite funny. I'm sure she had done this a number of times but was still very enthusiastic and friendly. At the camp itself we were taken to the top via this interesting vehicle called a unimog I believe. This was actually a pretty fun ride! Once at the top, we were assigned to a sled dog group and went on a ride (large wagon with wheels) being pulled by a team of sled dogs. The musher provided us with some interesting information about the dogs and sport in general. Once we were finished, we were taken back down to the base where we listed to a brief talk regarding the yearly Iditarod race. We then were able to spend time with some of the puppies. After checking out the gift shop, we were taken back into town. All in all, this was a very fun, informative excursion with a very friendly staff. Would highly recommend!

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  16. 5 out of 5


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  17. 5 out of 5

    Musher Camp ReviewIf you don't take this opportunity, your whole trip will be incomplete! Counted down the days until this excursion and I was not disappointed! Meeting the dogs, playing with the pups, the ride itself ... every part of this excursion was fabulous!! We'll be doing this again the next time we come to Skagway?? Thank you!!

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  18. 5 out of 5

    Mark this off your bucket list!This was the highlight of our trip. Everyone was informative and truly dedicated to dog racing. Not only were the dogs adorable but getting to meet a jr Iditarod racer was awesome. I hope we can make it back again someday!

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  19. 4 out of 5

    Memorable part of our Alaska vacationWe thoroughly enjoyed the mushers camp tour. The dogs were obviously excited to see people come to share their experience and it was very interesting and informative. The puppies were adorable and it was fun to watch them play together and hold them. Everyone at the camp was very friendly and knowledgeable. The view from the top of the mountain was incredible. One word of caution for anyone with significant back issues. The unimog ride is quite bumpy.

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    How long is this excursion, and is transportation to and from your camp included?

    Answer: All of our Skagway excursions include transportation to and from your cruise ship dock. The entire excursion (dock to dock) is about 3.5 hours

    Do I get to drive the sled?

    Answer: No one knows the dogs like their mushers, for this reason, passengers are not allowed to drive the sled. Driving the sled, as well as keeping the dogs in line, takes skills and knowledge that is only acquired through experience.

    How long is the sled ride? Is it bumpy?

    Answer: The sled ride is about a mile long. Sometimes, the ride can be a little bumpy, but our guides are usually able to avoid the bumps well enough. The speed, as well as the exact timing, of the ride is dependent upon both the dogs’ performance as well as the weather on the day of your visit. So, there is truly no way for us to say exactly how fast the sled will go on any given run.

    How many people will fit on the sled?

    Answer: Six guests, plus the musher, go together on the sled. We normally run more than one sled at a time, so we can easily accommodate larger groups.

    Is the sled ride on snow?

    Answer: In both Skagway and Juneau, our excursion takes place on the ground in the woods, and we use a customized summertime wheeled sled. Our summertime sleds are a great way to experience mushing without the cold temperatures and heavy snow of wintertime Alaska.

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