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Get ready for a truly authentic Alaskan experience on these Icy Strait Point excursions! See the incredible humpback whales that feed in the surrounding nutrient-rich waters on a guaranteed whale watching cruise, or search for some of the 3,500 coastal brown bears that inhabit the area on a bear and wildlife tour! Enjoy these adventures in Alaska's unspoiled wilderness with local native guides providing a wealth of information about the history and culture of Hoonah and Icy Strait Point. Your idyllic Alaskan excursion awaits you on these small-group experiences!
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About Icy Strait Point, Alaska
Icy Strait Point is located in Hoonah, Alaska’s largest Native Tlingit village, on Chichagof Island about 35 miles west of Juneau. Bordered by the whale-rich waters of Port Frederick and Icy Strait, it's surrounded by raw wilderness and home to an abundance of wildlife. Perhaps the most authentic Alaskan cruise port, it's entirely owned and operated by the Huna, a Tlingit tribe, with a population of under 1,500. This community is the heart and soul of Icy Strait Point, and their dedication to respecting and preserving the land are a big part of what makes this area so special. It's no wonder why this Native-owned port town has won several awards, including the Seatrade award for Port of the Year in 2020! Visitor's can expect authentic cultural experiences in a truly wild Alaska setting, including Native dance performances, gondola rides for incredible views of Glacier Bay, and unmatched wildlife excursions. Icy Strait Point has two cruise ship docks, and the vast majority of visitors are cruise ship passengers. You can, however, fly into Hoonah which is just 1.5 miles from the port town or arrive via boat from Juneau. The town was designed to be very walkable with all of the amenities within close proximity to the docks. You can fit in several activities in one day here! Visit the historic salmon cannery and museum, walk the easily-accessible nature trails, enjoy sustainable seafood at the waterfront restaurants with a pint of the local Cannery Red brew, and head out on tour for whale watching and bear viewing! Your visit to Icy Strait Point and Hoonah will have you falling in love with Alaska.

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