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Find Shore Tours to Book
Select your cruise ship and we’ll display only the tours that work with your schedule in each port.


Alaska’s capital city, a historically important port town, and home to numerous stunning attractions like the Mendenhall Glacier caves, Juneau is a one-of-a-kind destination in an already one-of-a-kind region. Historically important as a mining and trade outpost, the city continues to serve as an important administrative center. Importantly for cruise passengers, visitors will find that Juneau cruise excursions abound, with numerous opportunities available for ziplining, flightseeing, glacier exploration, and perhaps most notably, world-class whale watching.

Visitors to Juneau will find a quaint seaside port tucked among stunning snow-capped peaks. And folks searching for Juneau cruise excursions are unlikely to be disappointed! With the brand-new Glacier Blue Paddle Adventure, for instance, adventurers will come face to face with the lovely Mendenhall Glacier caves (don’t forget those cameras!). Or perhaps you’re looking to see Juneau from an entirely different perspective? Hop on a helicopter and touch down on one of the massive glaciers that flows out of the Juneau Icefield with the Icefield Helicopter Excursion! These are far from the only Juneau cruise excursions that hopeful explorers will find in store, though! Whether it’s kayaking or canoeing, trekking or flying, there’s something for everyone in Juneau!

What Kind of Experiences Can you Find in Juneau?

From wildlife, to flowing ice, to rich history, Juneau has something for every traveller! Take a look below to see a selection of some of our favorite Juneau tour varieties! Or keep scrolling to see our hand curated staff picks.

Glacier Galore

With the Juneau icefield looming just behind this Capital city, there are plenty of glaciers weaving there way down towards the sea.

Whales & Wildlife

Juneau is known for it's abundant whale population that likes to put on a show as they hunt for food in the cold Inside Passage waters.

Active Adventures

Juneau is the perfect port if you are looking to stretch the legs or work the arms after a few too many days at the Cruise ship buffet.



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Travel Tips To Help You Prepare For Your Time in Juneau:

Be Ready for Juneau's Rainy Skies!

With our helpful article about weather throughout the Inside Passage: Your Guide To Inside Passage Weather In Juneau, Skagway, And Ketchikan.

Find the Perfect Tour to Enjoy While You're Here

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Be Ready To Navigate the Port

By Checking out our Walking Maps, so you know just where to go when you disembark.

Why I Love Juneau

“As the state capital of Alaska, Juneau is full of history, beauty, & activity. From a bustling business community to beautiful hikes to an amazing brewery scene, Juneau always has something going on.”

Jordan P.

How Do I Get Around Juneau?

All of our Juneau excursions provide roundtrip transportation at or close to the cruise ship dock. Shops and restaurants in downtown are all within walking distance of the docks. Juneau does have a taxi service as well as a public bus system – Capital Transit. Stopping at the Downtown Transit Center, busses 3 and 4 will take you to the Mendenhall Valley, and busses 1 and 11 shuttle to Douglas Island.

(AS) Alaska Steamship Dock: This dock is closest to town and next to the public library.

(CT) Cruise Ship Terminal Dock: This dock is beside the Mount Roberts tramway station, which is the meeting location for many tours.

(FKL) Franklin Dock: This dock is a bit further away but still within walking distance to downtown.

(AJ) AJ Dock: The furthest dock South, this dock provides a shuttle to take passengers from the ship to the Mount Roberts tramway station.

    • Douglas Island – Take the bridge to cross the Gastineau Channel and arrive at Douglas Island. The island has a population of about 3k people, and the most visited destination is Sandy Beach. This beach was created by the tailings from the Treadwell gold mine, which generated over 3 million ounces of gold between 1881 and 1922.
    • Mendenhall Glacier – An impressive 13-mile long river of ice that ends at Mendenhall Lake. This massive glacier is one of 38 in the Juneau Icefield and a top attraction of Juneau, with many tours taking place on the lake and on the glacier itself.
    • Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center – The historic visitor center was built by the Forest Service next to the face of Mendenhall Glacier. The center showcases ranger talks, interactive exhibits, children’s activities, and telescopes. As the glacier recedes, it moves further away and is currently about 1.5 miles from the visitor center. There are several hiking trails ranging from easy to difficult where you can get closer to the glacier and view beautiful Nugget Falls. Steep Creek takes you further from the glacier but is an excellent spot for wildlife viewing. Please note there is no food allowed at the center or on the trails due to wildlife in the area. Click here for a map and information on the visitor center.
    • Alaska State Museum – Established in 1900 and renovated in 2016, this Museum collects, exhibits, and interprets the human and natural history of Alaska. The museum includes a gift store, café, auditorium, research room, and a historical library.
    • Mount Roberts Tramway – A cable car that takes you from downtown 1800ft up Mount Roberts. At the top, you’ll find the Timberline Bar & Grill, gift shops, a raptor center and a theatre featuring a film on Tlingit culture.
  • Hangar On The Wharf – $$ American, Seafood
  • Tracy’s King Crab Shack – $$$ Seafood
  • Red Dog Saloon – $$ American
  • Salt – $$$ American, Seafood
  • The Rookery – $$ Breakfast & Brunch, Café, American
  • Saffron – $$$ Indian
  • Pier 49 – $$$ Seafood, American
  • Gold Creek Salmon Bake – $$$ Seafood, American
  • Heritage Coffee – $ Breakfast & Brunch, Café
  • Timberline Bar & Grill – $$ American, Seafood


Here’s a little more info about our favorite restaurants

  • Saffron – You might not think of Indian food when traveling to Alaska, but you surely won’t forget Saffron after dining here. The menu is authentic with dishes made from scratch and the delicious aroma and cozy décor complete the experience.
  • Timberline Bar & Grill – If you’re looking for spectacular views and fresh seafood, this is your spot. Take the tram 1800 feet to the top of Mount Roberts and enjoy a truly wonderful Alaska dining experience. The creative menu offers something for everyone… from crab nachos and clam chowder to burgers and vegan dishes, complete with a nice selection of local ales and spirits.
  • The Rookery – A mix of modest, cozy coffee shop, and hip art gallery, The Rookery offers surprisingly innovative and delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. Just a couple blocks further from the cruise ship docks, this little gem is a great spot to enjoy a meal away from the crowds.

Don’t Forget To Stop by These Breweries & Distilleries For a Drink:

  • Alaskan Brewing Company – Brewed and bottled in the same Juneau building since 1986, Alaskan Brewing offers a tasting room and gift shop.
  • Devil’s Club Brewing – Serving up “adventurous” ales of many different styles as well as food offerings.
  • Amalga Distillery – Juneau’s first distillery offers a hip and modern tasting room and serves up gin cocktails. They anticipate their single malt whiskey to be released in 2020.