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Wildlife Sanctuary and Eagle Center

4.37777777778 out of 5
Wildlife viewing, impressive totem carving, a fascinating tour of a historic sawmill, and the chance to get up close to a bald eagle are just some of the highlights of the Wildlife Sanctuary and Eagle Center Tour, one of the best Ketchikan Alaska excursions for keen bird watchers and wildlife

Rainforest Sanctuary and Crab Feast

5 out of 5
Bald Eagles, Bears, and Crabs oh my. Here’s an excursion that gets you all three! The Rainforest Sanctuary and Crab feast combines two crowd favorite Ketchikan tours into one excursion that is sure to delight. With a half-mile walking tour of the serene Alaska Rainforest Sanctuary, featuring multiple wildlife opportunities,

Alaska Lodge Adventure & Seafeast

4.66666666667 out of 5
If you’re looking to get the absolute most out of your time in the Salmon Capital of the World, this Ketchikan crab tour is the excursion for you! The Alaska Lodge Adventure & Seafeast is a triple threat that is bound to thrill you, wow you with beauty, and fill

Totem Bight State Historical Park & Rainforest Canoe Adventure

4.5 out of 5
One of the best excursions in Ketchikan Alaska for exploring Native Alaskan history, culture, and art, a visit to famed Totem Bight State Park is a must. On this relaxing four-hour excursion, you’ll not only tour the 11-acre park and explore its series of ancient totem poles and colorful rainforest-surrounded

Lumberjack Show & Crab Feast

4.57142857143 out of 5
When searching for tours in Ketchikan, you probably come across 2 immediate ideas: the Ketchikan Lumberjack show and the crab feast. Well, why not a tour that combines both of these unforgettable and quintessentially Alaskan tours into one: the aptly named Lumberjack Show & Crab Feast. Experience the history and
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