Alaska Tour Packages
05 Nov

Visiting or taking a cruise to Alaska and don’t want to miss any of the highlights? We’ve got you covered with these Alaska tour packages to help you make your planning quick and easy! Maybe you’re cruising the Inside Passage and searching for the best Alaska cruise excursions in Ketchikan, Juneau, and Skagway. Or perhaps you’re flying here and spending 3 days in Juneau… our local tour experts compiled these itineraries to help you create a well-rounded Alaskan adventure. We’ve built these packages based on experience and travel preferences and you won’t find them anywhere else.

Make all your reservations in one place at prices guaranteed lower than the cruise lines. Plus, save even more with our multi-tour discount! No promo code is needed for Ketchikan, Skagway, or Juneau Shore Tours. A savings of $100 will be automatically added to your cart when you select three or more tours.

For a quick overview of the port towns of Alaska’s Inside Passage, check out our information on Juneau, Ketchikan, and Skagway.

Now, let’s get to the itineraries!

Skagway, Juneau, and Ketchikan Tour Packages

Adventure-Seeker: Option 1 ($)

Adventure Seeker Package 1

Adventure-Seeker: Option 2 ($$)

Adventure Seeker Package 2

Adventure-Seeker: Option 3 ($$$)

Adventure Seeker Package 3

Family-Friendly: Option 1 ($)

Alaska Family Tours 1

Family-Friendly: Option 2 ($$)

Family-Friendly: Option 3 ($$$)

Alaska Family Tours 3

Sightseeing/Wildlife Viewing: Option 1 ($)

Sightseeing Tour Package 1

Sightseeing/Wildlife Viewing: Option 2 ($$)

Sightseeing/Wildlife Viewing: Option 3 ($$$)

Alaska Sightseeing Tour Package 3

Ultimate Alaskan Experience: Option 1 ($)

Ultimate Tour Package 1

Ultimate Alaskan Experience: Option 2 ($$)

Ultimate Alaska Tour Package 2

Ultimate Alaskan Experience: Option 3 ($$$)

Ultimate Tour Package 3

Juneau & Skagway Tour Packages


Juneau Skagway Tour Package 1


Juneau Skagway Tour Package 2


Juneau Skagway Tour Package 3

Ultimate Alaskan Experience:

Juneau Skagway Tour Package 4

Juneau & Ketchikan Tour Packages


Juneau Ketchikan Tour Package 1


Juneau Ketchikan Tour Package 2


Juneau Ketchikan Tour Package 3

Ultimate Alaskan Experience:

Juneau Ketchikan Tour Package 2

3 Days in Juneau

Looking to see and do it all in Alaska’s capital city? Check out these Juneau tour itineraries!




Ultimate Alaskan Experience:

We hope these Alaska tour packages help you plan your itineraries for your port days! Make sure to check out our other travel tips and contact us with any questions. Of course, you can always create your own tour package and still receive our multi-tour discount which is automatically applied when you select three or more tours! We’ll see you in Alaska!

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