Charitable Donations by Alaska Shore Tours, the Best Alaskan Excursions
16 Dec

At Alaska Shore Tours, 5% of our Alaskan excursions profits go directly to organizations that help preserve Alaska’s natural resources and cultural heritage. When you book your Alaska cruise excursion with us, you can be sure that you, too, are taking responsibility for protecting Wild Alaska.

When we started Alaska Shore Tours, our ultimate goal was twofold. First, we wanted to give others the opportunity to experience the stunning wilderness that had already captivated us. Moreover, though, we wanted to do our part to help take care of this stunning and increasingly threatened haven; we knew that recreating in the Last Frontier takes a toll on wilderness, and we wanted to make sure we left behind more than we took away.

Years later, we’re meeting these goals. We continue to provide significant donations that help sustain hard-working Alaska-friendly organizations. In particular, funds from our Alaskan excursions encourage the conservation of Alaskan wilderness. This great state’s tundras, coastlines, and mountain ranges, after all, remain more wild and intact than those anywhere else in America. Importantly, we also strive to support native Alaskans, without whose traditional practices and rich history Alaska, well, wouldn’t be Alaska.

And we take pride in our contributions! We find comfort in the knowledge that Alaska Shore Tours continues to be an Alaska-responsible alternative to the big, worldwide corporations like Viator and Trip Advisor, which don’t give back to the communities they benefit from. Because it’s not enough simply to provide Alaskan excursions; what counts is providing high-quality, responsibly-sourced Alaskan excursions while also remembering to give back.

If you would like to further help with this cause, please consider a direct donation to the Alaska Conservation Fund.


Why It Matters

We’ve all seen what happens when there’s too much of a good thing. I didn’t intend, for example, to harm the Alaskan wilderness when I spent a summer guiding teenagers in the Talkeetna backcountry. Yet every time our large group migrated from a nightly campsite, our impact became evident in the compaction and discoloration of the fragile tundra where we’d slept.

Such is the case with exploring the Inside Passage: we go on an Alaska cruise excursion for the scenic beauty of towering mountains, for breaching whales and the mysterious midnight sun. And by ourselves we may not do any harm, but together we do wear on the wilderness, gradually threatening the very things that inspire us. That’s why, after all that Alaska has given us, we’ve become convinced that it would be unfair not to give back.


About Our Sponsored Organizations






For nearly forty years, the Alaska Conservation Foundation has worked with conservation leaders and initiatives to help protect the natural environments of the Last Frontier. The group hopes to encourage “an inspiring Alaska that is naturally thriving, biologically and culturally diverse, rich in wildlands, bountiful in terrestrial and marine life, sustainable in its economic development and thoughtfully protected —— forever.” Among its stated institutional values are a focus on Alaska’s central environmental issues, innovation in shaping Alaska’s future, and a respect for the state’s environment and culture.






The Alaska Native Heritage Center is an educational and cultural institution whose workshops, demonstrations, and guided tours serve to teach both local Alaskans and visitors about Native customs and traditions. Its Anchorage-based Welcome House and its numerous historically accurate outdoor facilities are powerful educational resources that allow visitors to explore ancient traditions and witness retellings of rich oral histories. The Alaska Native Heritage Center also seeks to cultivate pride and self-esteem among Alaska Natives while promoting an appreciation for their countless contributions to the state.


But There’s More You Can Do to Help

Booking an Alaska cruise excursion responsibly isn’t the only way you can help protect wild and beautiful Alaska. There are numerous dedicated organizations working hard to preserve the integrity of the last frontier. Check out their websites to learn what they’re up to. And if you haven’t yet laid eyes on a calving tidewater glacier or a bald eagle in flight, perhaps by the end of your Inside Passage Alaska cruise excursion you’ll be itching to help.


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