Alaska Family Tours and Alaska for Kids
03 Aug
If you have kids and have begun to research for an Alaska vacation, you know that it’s not always easy to tell whether a given tour is appropriate for young ones: Some tours, for example, require more hiking than the typical toddler can handle, while others simply tend to be too long or sedentary for young kids to fully enjoy: Experiencing Alaska for kids isn’t always intuitive! It’s with parents and grandparents in mind, therefore, that our Alaska travel experts have put together this list of favorite Alaska family tours that are loved by explorers of all ages!
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Sled Dog Adventure and Musher’s Camp (Skagway)


It doesn’t get much better in terms of the family-friendly shore tours Skagway has to offer: The Sled Dog Adventure and Musher’s Camp Tour, besides being a one-of-a-kind means of exploring the stunning Alaskan outdoors, provides guests of all ages with an exciting glimpse into Alaskan culture and tradition! You’ll first enjoy an exciting Unimog ride through the Alaskan rainforest to these elite canine athletes’ training grounds. From here, it’s off to the races! Your husky guides will pull you and your family at surprising speeds through the scenic old-growth course until you’ve had your fill of fun! Then it’s time for the reported highlight of many guests’ entire cruise: the puppies! Toddlers and grown-ups alike will melt at seeing these future champions while hearing tales of glory and survival from seasoned Iditarod mushers! There certainly aren’t many cuter ways to experience Alaska for kids!


There is no minimum age to participate in this gem of an excursion, meaning the Skagway Sled Dog Adventure is high on the list among the family-friendly shore tours Skagway has to offer!


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Alaska Family Tours, Shore Tours Skagway

There are few Alaska family tours as fun for kids of all ages as the Sled Dog Adventure and Musher Camp. Luckily for grown-ups, this excursion is a blast for adults as well!


Bering Sea Crab Fisherman’s Tour (Ketchikan)


Deadliest Catch fans rejoice! The one-of-a-kind Bering Sea Crab Fisherman’s Tour is one of the most in-depth and educational ways to experience Alaska through the eyes of its enterprising locals! An especially exciting opportunity to encounter Alaska for kids, this excursion will place guests face-to-face with a plethora of freshly wrangled Alaska sea creatures! You’ll join a crew of seasoned Alaskan fisherman and push off to sea aboard the Aleutian Ballad (of Deadliest Catch fame!), where you’ll learn about the local fishing industry and hear nail-biting firsthand accounts of stormy fishing on the high seas! Make sure you have your cameras at the ready, for there’s more to this tour even than the torso-sized crabs and massive krill: Your expert crew may just have a few surprises in store!


There is a strict 5-year-old age limit for the Bering Sea Crab Fisherman’s Tour, but older kids are more than welcome! Seats tend to fill up early in the season, though, so book early if you want to experience this top-of-the-line example among Alasky family tours!


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Bering Sea Crab Alaska Family Tours

A hands-on and educationally powerful excursion for kids 5 and older, the Bering Sea Crab Fishermen’s Tour is filled with incredible Alaskan wildlife and edge-of-your-seat tales delivered by seasoned Deadliest Catch veterans!


Whale Watching Tour (Juneau)


No trip to Juneau is complete without a whale watching excursion into the amazingly fertile waters of Auke Bay: It’s not by chance, after all, that Juneau is often referred to as the Whale Watching Capital of the World! Particularly important for families interested in experiencing Alaska for kids, Juneau’s whale watching tours are among the most accessible Alaska family tours you’ll be likely to find anywhere along the Inside Passage! Although several variations exist on Juneau whale watching tours, the standard 3-hour outing tends to be especially friendly for young guests, as it doesn’t entail the additional stops that can make for a long day with toddlers. Part of what makes Juneau whale watching excursions such effective Alaska family tours is that whale sightings are not just likely, but guaranteed, so your little ones will without doubt return to shore with special memories!


No minimum age exists for Juneau whale watching tours, so all are welcome! What’s more, children under 2 ride for free!


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Juneau Whale Watching Alaska Family Tours

Relatively short, budget-friendly, and exhilarating, Juneau whale watching tours are a perfect option for families looking to see stunning Alaskan mammals firsthand!


Yukoner Half-Day Tour (Skagway)


Full-day train and bus excursions into Yukon Territory can sometimes be a bit overwhelming for very young travelers: At 7 to 8 hours in length, in-depth tours like the Bennett Lake Scenic Journey and Yukon Discovery Tour, though they’re well worth the time for visitors looking for a full-day outing, can try the attention span of some youngsters. That’s where one of the top shore tours Skagway, the Yukoner Half-Day Tour, comes in! At 3 and a half hours in length, this gem among Alaska family tours is a perfect match for folks excited to see stunning Yukon Territory, but apprehensive about a lengthy day of travel. You’ll travel up over historic White Pass Summit, into stunning British Columbia, and down among towering snow-capped mountains to the Yukon border, where you’ll encounter the iconic “Larger than Life” sign! Make sure you have your cameras on hand for the return journey, as mountain goats and black bears are a common sight along the Klondike Highway!


Children of all ages are welcome on the Yukoner tour, and lap infants travel for free. A number of stops are made along the way for kids to hop out, stretch their legs, and explore the edges of this glorious mountain wilderness.


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Yukoner Alaska Family Tours

Full-day train and bus tours into Yukon territory can be a bit length for certain young kids. That’s where the half-day Yukoner tour comes in: You’ll save time and money while still admiring mindblowingly pristine landscapes!


Rainforest Family Adventure (Ketchikan)


Ketchikan-bound families researching how best to experience Alaska for kids need look no further than the Rainforest Family Adventure, a peaceful but exciting adventure tour into the elements. You and your family will venture into the heart of old-growth Tongass Rainforest by way of quiet electric 4×4 vehicles. If you’re visiting in summer, keep your eyes peeled for the huckleberries, salmonberries, and blueberries that dot the edges of the stunning trails you’ll travel by! Watch, too, for the bears and other Alaskan wildlife that frequent this area, as there’s no telling just what you’ll find along the way! Once you’ve had your fill of pristine rainforest sightseeing, you’ll have time to rest alongside a glowing riverside campfire, where snacks and drinks will be waiting for your family. What’s more, you’ll also learn about nearby historic Saxman Native Village, home to numerous intricately-carved totems, from local experts!


Children of all ages are welcome on the Rainforest Family Adventure. Seats can begin to fill relatively early in the season, though, so book early for guaranteed availability!


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Rainforest Alaska Family Tours

Looking to get off the beaten path and into the lush Tongass Rainforest? The fun, relaxing, and kid-friendly Rainforest Family Adventure is appropriate for guests of all ages.


Helicopter Dogsled Tour with Extra Landing (Juneau)


There are few (if any!) more exhilarating ways for kids to experience the splendor of the Inside Passage than on a Juneau helicopter tour! Because of its proximity to the Juneau Icefield, this port town is an extraordinary destination for glacier sightseeing. On this spectacular example among Alaska family tours, you’ll embark on a 25-minute flight to secluded Herbert Glacier, where you’ll touch down high on the icefield for an exclusive Alaska mushing experience! Hop on a custom dogsled and let advanced Iditarod-veteran guides mush the way ahead as Alaskan huskies pull your family below towering granite peaks! Later, having helped the canine athletes complete their training circuit, you’ll have time to tour the racers’ glacier base before climbing back aboard your chopper. What’s more, with the Helicopter Dogsled Extra Landing variation, you won’t be heading back to Juneau just yet. Instead, you’ll also spend time at the lower reaches of Herbert Glacier, where dynamic geology makes for bright-blue pools of glacier water and massive cracks in the ice: It’s an otherwordly landscape your kids will never forget (neither will you!).


No explicit minimum age exists for Juneau Helicopter tours. Because all passengers are required by law to have their own seat and seatbelts, however, children may not ride as lap passengers and are charged at a universal guest rate.


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Helicopter Dogsled Alaska Family Tours

The iconic Helicopter Dogsled Glacier Excursion is a one-of-a-kind adventure for kids and adults alike: An exhilarating helicopter ride, scenic dogsled excursion, and extra glacier landing combine to produce an adventure your kids won’t be likely to forget!



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